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.Roof Waterproofing And Heat Proofing Primary Menu Home About Us Our Services Our Gallery Contacts ROOF WATERPROOFING Roof Waterproofing Company Fix Rcc Precast Slab Metal And Absolute Sheet Etc Roof Leakage Waterproofing Roof Rain Leak Water Proofing Services Available In Karachi Lahore Islamabad Hyderabad Quetta Peshawar Rawalpindi Home Roof Waterproofing Roof Waterproofing ROOF WATERPROOFING COMPANY IN PAKISTAN: We Are Experts In Roofing That Leaks In All The Rain Is rainy water is leaking from the roof of your office, factory, school or home? And seepage destroy your paint and you do plaster again and again for waterproofing your roof. And put heavy weight on your roof and waste your money. But again cement destroys and makes cracks and leakages and seepage remains same. For the first time in Pakistan lucky Chemical Company is providing its services for roof waterproofing with new technology. Which have roof waterproofing, light weight plastic foam flexible chemical in it. If water stays on roof but it does not leak, so this means that your roof concrete is not weak. And your structure and roof life exceed and leakage and seepage is 100% finished with guaranty. We have all water proofing material application bursh roller spray machine with this application you get life time solution. And you can enjoy the rainfall, material 100% imported it no have side effect this application easily applied on iron, rcc, cement sheet etc. Lucky Chemical Roof Waterproofing Services: The best way to find out is to talk to your host. Ask about the type of roof you’re using, the climate you live in, and how many times a year you need sealing. Some of the sealants listed in this article claim to be waterproof to withstand pond water year – round. If you add a coating when installing a new roof, or simply replace an old one, there are several reasons why this can be a good idea to prolong the life of your roof. More Of Our Services Warehouse Leak Waterproof, Roofing Selling Control, Roof Leakage Treatment, Roof Seepage Treatment, Roof Leakage Contractor, Roof Leakage Solution, Roof Rain Leakage Proofing Bitumen Water Proofing Coating And Waterproof Coating With Canvas Membrane Sheet With 3 To 10 Years Warranty.

Roof heatproofing

Roof Heat Proofing Services Karachi Best Heating Protecting Coating Solutions And Sun Heat Control Reduced Sun Heat & Reflective Paint Company In Pakistan. Keep Your Roof Cool With This Product In summer you did not sat in your office, factory, school, home and room, etc because of heat. And the fan also give heated air? With lucky chemical services, your fan can give normal air. And your use of AC will also reduce, because of heat your AC get trip and your electricity bill exceeds.

Roof Heat Proofing Solution And Chemicals:

We have this solution lcs chemical roof heat proofing and bcs insulation. This chemical application will reduce your room temperature upto 5% to 8%. And with this heat intensity of roof reduces upto 70 to 80%. With this your usage of AC will also be decreased. And your electricity bill will automatically decrease upto 30%.

Sheets, Forums And Tiles:

We have forum, tiles, sheet, foaming sheet, polyester sheet and spray insulation etc we have all insulation material in summer your roof will still cool you can walk on it without shoes in afternoon we have all products material application brush roller spray machine with this application you get life time solution and you can enjoy the summer on your roof our material 100% imported it no have side effect this application easily applied on iron, rcc, cement sheet etc. Before roof plaster if you did not do insulation than do it in finishing to get solution of heat.

Heat Proofing Treatment With Sheet & Coating Procedure:

Clean roof completely, apply one contrite safety coat applied one insulation coating, imported sheet paste by all roof and applied 1 heat proofing chemical coat, in last two sun reflector coating applied on roof.


insulation make roof cool, imported sheet did not absorb heat and sun reflector coating reflect the sun rays after heat proofing your home temperature decrease 5 to 7 degree with it your ac use will also decrease and you will save 25% to 35% in electricity bill and you can walk in afternoon on the roof without shoes. Our Company Specializes In Reducing Sun

Heat Contact Us Now To Get The Services Of Our Company. With Our Company You Can Easily Get All Home Cooling Products At Reasonable Rates.


Water tank leakage solutions & seepage control services in all karachi for life time warranty with imported chemical. Is your water tank is leaking? Its mean that water makes your structure weak. And if not treated, then sewerage line water mixes with your water tank. If you are still having water tank leakage and seepage issues even after using so many formulas. And this same issue happens with over head tank, it was having leakage and seepage and you did plaster to maintain it. But still the cracks appear and because of this leakage and seepage happens again and again. Because of this bottom wall and roof gets seepage!. We have its 100% solution of Brooks Chemical Services bcs 91 chemical. It can solve your issue and it can waterproof your tank. This material does not allows water to get leak. With LCS plug, it stops your water tank leakage. Water leakage material application is done with brush roller spray machine. With this application you get life time solution and it has no have side effect. You can apply this solution on iron, rcc, cement sheet. Over time, the pressure on the tank can damage the water heater most. Most water heaters have a life span of 10 to 13 years, and if it comes out of the bottom of the tank in the burner chamber, this may be due to age. Finally, the bottom of the tank rusts and begins to leak. If there is a leak in the pipe connection to the water tank, the tank should be emptied completely and checked. Problems can be caused by aging, knocking or overheating of the storage tank, and the tank began to expand, which leads to the wrong shape of the tank. PROCEDURE OF WATER TANK LEAKAGE REPAIR: For water tank leakage repair, clean the water tank completely, fill the cracks with flexible chemical. And after filling all cracks, apply a coating of plastic foam chemical. And in last coat the tank with elestromeric chemical completely. You can also repair the water tank by completely replace it with a qualified installer. Note: Dont use your tank for 30 to 24 hours and if tank is in basement than don’t use it for 40 to 48 hours.

Bathroom l

Bathroom Leakage Control For Without Any Damages 100% Guaranteed Work Without any dismantling in all flat home building apartment, we use bathroom leakage solution. To detect Toilet leakages many chemicals are used In this process through pressure of wind, super mega leakage control chemical is used inside of it. And grouting of all sparkling tile joints and completion of all the points of the floor of the bathroom. This provides full protection to bathroom leakage. Lucky Chemical Company also provides bathroom leakage control service with all of its services. We repair the leakages of Washroom without any dismantling, so that you do not have to worry about your bathroom. We use our Toilet leakage solutions to fill the cracks as well as stops to form furthermore cracks. Our experts perform their tasks with full concentration because we do care about our clients property. We ensure to provide you best Washroom leakage control services, and we perform our work with 100% guarantee. Lucky Company can fix your problem properly, we have qualified products and advanced technologies. That helps to perform work more quickly and gives excellent results. Leaking toilet may cause mold due to this water bills may increase, so every leakage should be removed immediately. For inspection of leaks, remove the tank cap and check the rinsing mechanisms. The water level in the toilet tank should not be higher than 1 inch below the top of the overflow pipe. If the water level is at the top of the overflow pipe, the water will slowly flow into the overflow pipe and drains into the sewage system. Toilet Leakage Solution Services In Karachi Toilet Seepage Repair Services Without For Any Broken Best Leaking Specialist Company In Karachi Pakistan

Wall seapage proofing treatment

has best ideas for your house paint, with safe formula without any broken plastic layers. We use our own wall seepage control solution chemicals, protect your home walls from many kinds of seepages.

It is necessary to treat seepages of your house walls, otherwise it will rupture the walls and its beauty. It does not only damages the walls of your house but also the concrete and wall paint. Once the paint starts to peel off, it will damage your house decor and can cause a major problem. With our wall seepage control solution your wall life will increase. And it also saves your paint expenses and your home will be look beautiful as it was before.

Rainwater can penetrate the roof wall of the house and cause water to penetrate the ceiling. Water drips or pours and eventually reaches the top layer of ceiling material, which is usually plaster or plasterboard. Water permeating through floor panels can damage the ceiling below. Whether it’s a roof leak caused by wind or rainwater, water damage is one of the worst situations that can happen to your home during heavy rain or typhoon. One of the easiest ways water can get into your home is to let water through the roof or in the form of a leak from the ceiling when it rains.

Wall Seepage Leaking Control Specialist Walls Seam THOR Treatment Karachi Wall Seepage Stop Chemical Seepage Master Leakage Expert Wall Seepage Care Coating Wall Seepage Waterproof Chemical Wall Leakage Detector Company In Pakistan Wall Chemical Coating Interior Floor And Wall Seepage fix Exterior Wall Seepage And Paint Protection Services Wall Seepage Consultant In Dha Clifton Defiance Tariq Road Sea View Gulistan Johar North Karachi Korangi North Nazimabad Site Area Industrial Area Port Qasim Maripur Akhter Colony Mehmoodabad


Roof Heat Insulation Treatment Chemical Company Best Insulating Coating In Pakistan Weather shield is suitable to use in summer season to protect roof from heat instensity of sun. In which, it is impossible to stay on hot terrace and to sit in high lounge. Which reduces temperature of heat upto 5 degree. By adjusting to high heat mass, these tiles regulate the temperature of your home. Which helps to reduce heating and cooling costs.

The surface of a black roof can increase its reach up to 90 degrees. Cool roofs are being used as a means of combating global warming and geoengineering methods based on solar radiation management provided. the materials used reflect solar energy and emit infrared radiation to cool the planet In this matter for roof heat proofing, weather shield is the solution that has been taken.

The key to avoiding this costly problem is to replace or treat your roof with a cooler roofing material. If your current roof is your home’s weak point in terms of energy efficiency. You can achieve similar results by applying energy – efficient roofings for less. Replacing an existing roof often is expensive. And if you are not financially ready for such a big job, pay for a cool new roof. LUCKY Chemical Company ensures to provide you Best Roof Heat Insulation Chemical Services With Sheet And .


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